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Tustin, CA

Joseph R Lanspa A Law Corporation is a local legal firm serving Buena Park, CA providing legal advice and assistance to clients since 1976. Our associates are familiar with a variety of workplace concerns, including job-related stress, chemical contact, toxic inhalation, or death claims.

The definition of a work place accident is ‘discrete occurrence in the course of work, leading to physical or mental occupational injury'. Do you feel like this as this has happened to you? Clients find themselves questioning their fault or responsibility regarding job-related injuries. In the event you are working in a more dangerous environment, and you experience chemical contact or toxic inhalation, let our professional legal team speak with you. Knowing your rights is the first step in resolving your issues. Accepting ‘skin problems as part of the job' is not a good alternative to actually getting the proper care and help you deserve.

Another facet of our legal firm is death claims and wrongful death suits. If you are the family member that has been affected by such an incident, let Joseph R Lanspa A Law Corporation help. Wrongful death claims occur when loss of life has occurred due to negligence by another. This is a sensitive matter and we understand how difficult it can be right now. Our legal firm will take action if you have a case, to resolve the issue and help the survivors to receive some sort of financial compensation. We know that monetary allowance does not take away the pain and shock of the accident, but some of our clients find resolution in justice being served.

Not all cases are the same, and here at Joseph R Lanspa A Law Corporation we understand how to address each client and treat them as an individual. We are available Monday-Thursday, 9:00-5:00 and Friday 9:00-12:00. Please contact our office and schedule a meeting with a qualified associate to discuss your situation.